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Once more a side trend, the sustainability approach has become a mainstream in packaging.  There are new solutions being advertised daily, however, the new product by TRYPET has no ready marketable alternative yet. 

One of the main problems in post-consumer recycling is the sorting of different plastics a container is made of. At present if there is a rigid PET container, it is accompanied by a PP or PE closure in most cases. 

Using PET for the lids is not a new idea but it has been more common in flexible packaging. TRYPET has developed thick-wall PET lids that function in the same way the usual PP/PE closures do. Since June 2022, we offer 63RTS 4-start PET closures we produce in a regular mode. In addition, there are 45SP400 PET closures for customer tests, wich we made in a pilot tool.

There is no any principal difference in how the PET lids should be handled in a packing line or how they fit the necks of jars or bottles. However, it is easy to see the difference of the glossy look compared to the closures made of a customary resin.

PET lids can be made with standard bottle-grade material but also with 100% PCR or PET-PCR blends, coloring is not a problem as well. For the sealing, we offer 1-piece HIS lift'n peel liners (foil on EPE), which option works perfectly with PET lids and PET containers. 

PET lids have a patent pending status.