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New range of preforms and bottles with neck size 38 mm

New range of preforms and bottles with neck size 38 mm

In August 2022 TRYPET successfully tested the new injection mould to produce preforms with 38-mm neck. This preform is available in two types of neck-finish, each one with 2 weight options: 38-mm 3-start Bericap in 29 g and 35 g and 38-mm 1-start SP400, 32 g and 38 g.

To make 200 ml, 250 ml, 325 ml and 375 ml bottles we used blow moulding machine and a range of blow moulds.

For years TRYPET was producing bottles from various off-site third-party preform manufacturers. With our own mould introduction, we intend to extend our flexibility and improve the quality of our products.

TRYPET produced 38-mm bottles are highly demanded with dried herbs and spice selling businesses. Please note the 38-mm neck-finish of our bottles is a 100% match to the grinders produced by the widely known global market leader – Global Grinders (South Africa). It is well known the Global Grinders products can be used with Bericap “milk” neck-finish bottles; however, they are not a perfect match. Trypet designs on the other hand were made in a close cooperation with the Global Grinders. As a result, we are glad to offer custom-made spice bottles together with grinders made by a well acclaimed grinder manufacturer to our customers.

Bottles with 38-mm 1-start neck finish fit grinders made by the Global Grinders, Minipet and some other grinder producers.

In addition, the design of our bottles allows to use the standard plain 38-mm Bericap caps with them.

The wide range of TRYPET preforms gives us an opportunity to offer 200 ml - 500 ml + bottles to the market. A price of a new blow mould production, should a custom design be required, does not exceed €3000.