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Due to the state of emergency over Covid-19 declared in Latvia

Our office will temporarly commence our activities remotely. All face-to-face meetings required to be agreed in advance. Orders will be accepted only electronically via e-mail info@trypet.lv. Take care and be in a good health!
  • There are dozens of PET container producers just one click away. Companies with a long history in the market and countless types of jars and bottles. Why spend precious time looking into this site?
    Because we have a unique approach. Life is not getting easier as buyers are looking for more and more customized products at lower and lower cost. We try to resolve this contradiction.
    There is always more than one solution. Two main technologies are used for the production of PET containers: two-stage reheat injection stretch blow moulding and single-stage stretch blow moulding. We have both processes. Our  blow-moulding division operates speedy automatic equipment but also has small semi-automatic machines. We produce our own closures and do lining upon request. What we do not make  by ourselves, we outsource.  Since the business was established in 2005 we have developed hundreds of jars and a number of unique preforms, as well as closures.